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Everyone matters, not just the most visible, re-tweeted and “liked.”

Est. August 2020 [...nobody circuit is...] With over 60 years in music between them, nobody circuit is John Warren and Henry Heidtmann. Influenced by their communities, 
the sounds of their home state (NC), and the music of the 60's, 70's and 80's, the nobody circuit brand of acoustic music brings a message of life, love, and hope - reflecting their commitment to uplifting the soul and spotlighting social issues like racial, gender, environmental, and humane justice.

John and Henry (and in performances often very interesting guest artists) support social involvement and universal truths: Treat others as you want to be treated; Inclusiveness and civility matter; Science really matters! Work together to mitigate the climate crisis. And enjoy good tunes and good friends along the way!

The Flock

john warren.

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Can you tell from this pic that I love playing music?  
Whether on stage at a festival or in a small house-party setting, music is a great way of connecting with people and bringing us all together. Playing with Henry and frequent guest artists, this duo, nobody circuit, represents my love of playing catchy and memorable songs “with meaning.” And after 40 years of making a living in psychology and medicine, I’ve renewed my desire to raise awareness and support for worthy causes through music, like the ones on our “Groups We Support” page.
Let’s work together, and let’s enjoy good tunes and good friends along the way.

henry heidtmann.

Music has been a strong guiding force in my life since first picking up a saxophone in 3rd grade and then later as Paul McCartney and the Beatles built my interest in the melody of the bass guitar. I felt the power of music and never let it go. Music is evident in all of our lives. We celebrate a full range of emotions with music, whether it's a party, going out with friends or just driving in the car. I love sharing the meaningful language of music with people. I'm usually smiling when I play because I love the language- and it's a joy to see others smile....or just tap their toe. I look forward to working again with John decades after we first worked together. Playing music while raising awareness for important causes - the two go hand in hand- and I look forward to sharing in that community spirit. The world can sure use that right now. 
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